About Us

About Us:

Healthcare Connections (HCC) is a private, for profit corporation that exists to provide quality Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Retail services, Pharmaceuticals, and preventative Foot Care services for individuals who, because of illness, injury, disability, and aging cannot carry out the normal activities of daily living without stress or difficulty.

The services at HCC help people of all communities by providing necessary health care services in the comfort of home and help them stay connected to everyday life. 

As a fully accredited provider, we are committed to providing all services to individuals in compliance with all applicable Federal, State and Local regulations. We strive to deliver quality services in a professional, confidential, and cost-effective manner.

The History of HCC:

Dwight Oxendine, RPh, CEO began his career in chain pharmacies and always noticed a lot of scripts for home medical equipment while dispensing medications to the elderly. This is when his vision to open a DME business came to life.

In 1998, Mr. Oxendine began serving the residents of Hoke County with diabetic supplies and diabetic footwear, since rural Hoke County had a huge diabetic population. To increase our clientele, diabetic education classes, health fairs, and other community events were held to increase the awareness of controlling diabetes. HCC is now a full line DME company that provides all types of medical equipment.

In November 2001, the retail pharmacy was opened with Mrs. Donna J. Oxendine-Dial, his sister, as the pharmacist. HCC opened as a full line, retail pharmacy with over 1,000 patients and also the option for medication delivery. This was a service that would allow many homebound clients to still receive their medication in a timely manner.

HCC has grown from a small business, providing footwear to an integrated agency offering a wide range of services to clients in their homes. HCC opened their Corporate office in February 2004 on 402 S. Main Street, Raeford NC adding many jobs and business opportunities to the city. Employing over 300 professionals to include, pharmacists, nurses, respiratory therapist, social workers, nursing assistants, delivery technicians and many administrative office support staffers. 

In March 2009, Carolina Foot and Medical was opened. Now switched to Tarheel Foot & Specialty Care, it still continues to grow. When Mr. Oxendine first started the foot care business, Tarheel had only 6 facilities. We now service over 50 facilities and growing! Tarheel also services patients in-house at their facility on 300 Birch Street, Raeford, NC 28376. 

In March 2021, HCC at Home was opened. This company provides services to disabled, elderly, patients who need a little help with their day to day activities. CNA's go to patients home and help with things such as baths, cleaning, etc. They reside in the same building as HCC Pharmacy, at 402 S. Main Street, Raeford, NC 28376 in suite 400. 

Today, with all of these services and companies set in place, HCC continues to grow to help their community. Our belief is to help wherever we can to enrich the lives and health of our community. Each day the thread that ties us together weaves the tapestry of our lives connecting families to a healthier, happier life. 
Last Updated: 5/11/2023